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    What is Newz API?

    Newz API is a premier News Intelligence Platform powered by self learning algorithms that meets constantly shifting global demand for News and Market Intelligence of R&D Firms, Data Science, Market Research, MNC’s, Corporates, Publishers, Influencers, Bloggers, AIML Startups & B2B companies & agencies.

    What Kind of Trends & Insights are Added by Newz API Machine Learning Algorithms?

    After processing millions of data updates & data points, only the most relevant searches are selected for delivery. These are unique and strategic updates that your teams should be aware of.

    Who runs the API?

    The Newz API – API is a product built and operated by Z5.AI, a global leader in microservices APIs running more than 150 microservices (API’s) in the fields of Machine Learning, Big Data, NLP etc.

    How scalable is this service?

    This API service is hosted on amazon AWS platforms (with data centers hosted across the globe), a highly scalable and highly available technical infrastructure capable of dealing with millions of API requests per minute. No matter which volume you are looking to process, our system has got you covered.

    How are API requests counted?

    Each time the API is used to access or search data, a minimum of 1 API request is counted towards your monthly allowed API request volume. Depending on the options you use, some queries may consume more than 1 API request. For more information, please refer to our API documentation.

    What happens if I exceed my API Request volume?

    We understand that volumes change and fluctuate from time to time, which is why each of the subscription plans we offer comes with a safety buffer of 20%. This means you will be able to make 120% of your monthly allocated API request volume during a limited number of months. In addition, you will be notified via email as you reach 75%, 90% and 100% of your quota.

    What is the API's uptime?

    The Newz API is built on top of a highly available cloud infrastructure, leading to an uptime of nearly 99.95%.

    Which subscription plan is the right one for me?

    Your subscription plan requirements primarily depend on the monthly volume of API requests you would like to process through the Newz API – API. If you are able to stay below 500 monthly API requests, you are fine staying on the Free Plan. If you require more advanced features, as mentioned in the plans, the higher plans will be the way to go. In case you need a higher volume than what is offered on the website, you can always reach out to get a quote.

    Which payment methods are supported?

    Payments can be made using any major credit card, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner’s Club, Discover, as well as using your PayPal account. For large contracts with annual / monthly billing, payment via bank transfer is offered as well.

    Can I also pay yearly?

    Yes, choosing to pay yearly will even reduce the price of your subscription by 20%. You can choose annual billing during the signup or checkout process.

    How can I change my payment frequency?

    In order to change your billing frequency from monthly to yearly or from yearly to monthly, you will be required to downgrade your account back to the Free Plan.

    Step 1: Navigate to the Subscription page, click “Downgrade” in the Free Plan section and confirm your downgrade. Downgrades are not effective immediately, your premium subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing period.

    Step 2: Once your billing period ends and your account downgrade has become effective, navigate back to the Subscription page and click “Upgrade” in your preferred subscription plan’s section. You will now be asked to choose a new billing frequency.

    If you need any assistance changing your billing frequency, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    If my payment fails after how long will my subscription be cancelled?

    When a payment error occurs, you have 1 week or 10% of your quota opted, before the cancellation of your subscription, during this period you will receive 2 emails from our team. On the 1st day of the 3rd week, your subscription will be cancelled and reverted to FREE.

    How can I partner with Newz API?

    The enterprise plan also incorporates the white label solutions (optional) offered. You can Contact Us here for enterprise plan queries. For partnership queries please refer to our Partner Section

    Enterprise Plan

    What is the enterprise plan?

    The enterprise plan comprises of the following services –

    -Partner System Integrations
    -Web Integrations
    -White Label Services
    -Instant Scalability
    -Custom API requests per month
    -Get data upto 24 months old
    -Https Encryption
    -DevOps Assistance
    -Dedicated Support desk
    -RealTime Information
    -99% uptime SLA
    -Direct to database API

    How can I avail the enterprise plan?

    You can contact our In-House Channel Partner Media Mandi ( ,email: [email protected], and get details about the enterprise plan. Our business executive will get in touch with you to understand your requirements and give you the right solution.

    How will I be billed in the enterprise plan?

    You will be billed as per the individual services requested by you in the enterprise plan. We will share a proposal and a deliverable note with you regarding the same.

    What will be my API endpoints in the enterprise plan?

    The clients API endpoint will be on – and for white label OR partner integration –

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